This gallery is an easy system for you to view and order photos. Prints and canvases are available in many sizes and proportions. There are several matting and framing options for prints. In addition, there are calendars and holiday postcards available.

Navigating the gallery: As you view each photo at a larger size, hover over the image with your mouse to see selections to choose from, e.g., "put in cart," "email a link to this image," "add to collection," or "dim the lights" (which shows the image as large as possible for your screen).

Favorites: You don't need to make an account to make a list of favorites that you can save, return to and/or email the URL of to me and/or to someone else. You may place photos from your favorites collection into your cart to start your order of items from those images.

Cropping: If you adjust the cropping, I will leave your cropping choice; and if you have not confirmed the cropping, I will adjust the cropping for you. Note that most images are originally a 2:3 ratio, therefore an 8x12" size may fit better than the more square 8x10" — play with the size and crop tool to see what works best for each image.

Paper Choices: There are 3 paper types. The E-surface paper is the default; it is a color paper with a finish between glossy and matte. The Metallic paper is glossy with an almost 3-D quality and produces more saturated color. The Ilford B&W paper is a smooth matte paper specially developed to make digital photos appear more like continuous tone prints.

B&W and Sepia: Sepia images will be printed on color paper, so you only need to specify "sepia" color adjustment. Although it is not crucial, B&W prints look best on traditional B&W paper, so if you order a print as a B&W, specify "B&W" in color adjustment and also specify B&W paper in the paper choices.

Order "Approval": I review each order before I print it, so that I may check cropping, make color or level adjustments, and replace RGB files with greyscale for B&W prints, etc. for the best possible prints. I usually approve orders within hours of your order placement, so if you are concerned about timing or have a question, please call me.

Files: Original digital files are available for editorial, advertising or promotional use for many of these photos. Some photos have restrictions from event contracts, however model releases or subject permissions are often easily obtained. Online download purchases of print and/or web-resolution files are available for certain collections.

If you have any questions, just email or call me!
Thanks so much,

Woodward Creative